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View XKCD without a browser

February 5, 2011


For at least a year I’ve been playing around with Microsoft Small Basic programming language. For those not in the know, Small Basic is a very recent basic dialect meant to introduce kids to programming. Although I’m fully capable of using “real” languages, I like creating small programs because A), I like to test how […]

Progress log #2

January 30, 2011


Recently I realized that to complete this project in a sane amount of time (that is, short enough to satisfy my magpie-like attention span) I need to radically lower my standards. Here are a few stats: 2-bits of computation (with signs!). 3×2 RAM memory (that is, two bit integers with sign bits). “Cartridge” ROM memory, […]

One More Home-brew CPU (progress log #1)

January 25, 2011


After seeing the wonderful projects on the home-brew CPU webring a couple of months ago, I decided that it would be a neat if practically infeasible project to use the logic gate simulator on my PC to construct my own CPU. This decision was long before the inception of this blog, but I admit I […]