About this blog

This is the personal blog of Jonathan Shepherd. It is my hope that someone will find my ideas, rants, progress logs, etc. to be amusing, intriguing, or perhaps even useful (but let’s not get hasty).

I am currently a student at a high school in the northeast, and am interested in computers (programming, theory, hardware), game development (both computer and physical, emphasis on role-playing games), and creative writing. There are sundry other topics that have sparked my interest over the years, which are too many to list.

If you connect together a billion little logic gates in the right way, you get a computer. It is my hope that by putting together in one place enough ideas, enough passions, enough outpourings of an overactive brain, you will get a ghost of what is my mind.

“I’ll leave the thinking to myself, thank you. I do an awful lot of it.”

Stay smart.

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