TD&TD – An Update

Posted on February 24, 2011


To any who read and liked the RPG I posted yesterday (look at me, thinking people actually read this blog), you will be happy to know I am working on a fuller description of the rules. It will include rules for equipment, some clarifications and exceptions, a mini-bestiary, a neato “Mark” system (you’ll see), the Big List ‘O Advanced Rules, a more complete description of the concept, and some snazzy formatting, all packaged together in nifty PDF format.

The original text, which I have dubbed TD&TD 1E, will be preserved on my computer because it’s nice to see the difference between the two versions.

Stay smart, folks.

UPDATE: The Dead & The Darkened 1.5 edition is now finished! It’ll need some playtesting before I’m ready to put it somewhere like 1KM1KT, but you can find the PDF here.

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